Friday, July 11, 2014

#SFRBRIGADE Snippet from Neon Orchid

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I've been sharing from my upcoming release, Neon Orchid. I've been sharing from what I call the Mud scene, and if you scroll back through my blog you'll find a couple previous Mud entries.

“But it did have a tongue,” Karvar said. “That feathery thing.”
Brielle felt stupid in front of her famous scientist husband. “Oh. Right, the plume. When it first came out I thought it was a piece of plant it had eaten.”
“Certainly like nothing I’ve seen before. We don’t want the salp to hit the flitter with that tongue. A crash would be too dangerous. I wonder how long that tongue is?”
They checked the entry about the mud salp but it had no information on how far the tongue could strike.
 “I think we are stuck here for a while. I can’t push the flitter forward, and if I reverse it we are too close to the salp. We can’t risk damage to the ship.”
“Can you anchor us? So we’re more level? Leaning sideways like this is uncomfortable.”
“Sure.” Karvar jimmied the ship in increments until the flitter was level, then sent out anchors. "We should be safe enough here for a while.”
Brielle watched the salp on her view screen while he maneuvered the ship. “I’m not so sure. Does it look the the drone is coming back up? I think it is closer to the mouth.”

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