Friday, June 27, 2014

WeWriWa : In the Mud

Weekend Writing Warriors
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My Eight Sentence Snippet today is from what I call The 'Mud' Scene.

The flitter swerved sideways and they landed with a thump, resting against a tree trunk. “Well, that wasn’t so bad,” Karvar whispered. “Better than I would have dared hide it.” 
They were deep under thick growth, barely able to see out of the flitter’s windows due to the thick ferns and leaves surrounding them.
The drone, lights glinting in the gloom of the forest,whipped by. The beast lunged at it, opening a wide circular maw from which a feathery tongue emerged. The tongue snapped out at the drone, surrounding it, and pulled it rapidly into the wide mouth. The mud beast swallowed it.


While his brothers roam the universe finding adventure and love, Karvar remains on New Prague, working for the Protectorate (his mother) as a physician and researcher. He decides to marry one of the young ladies selected by his mother. Brielle is gorgeous, sweet, and she likes children. He is confident their marriage will work well.

Until his wedding night, when Brielle collapses and confesses she is being blackmailed with a powerful drug addiction to spy on his family...

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