Saturday, June 14, 2014

Weekend Writing Warriors: Neon Orchid #2

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My snippet this week is from 
Neon Orchid, Diaspora Worlds Book Four
coming soon! 

Flocks of pastel trillers, like drifts of floating blossoms, showed clearly in the bright two moon light as they moved through the vegetation hunting for insects. Night blooming flowers were everywhere, some large, others tiny, growing in clusters of blue or gold. The pool reflected the tiny glowing blossoms and the two moons above, the larger moon silvery, the smaller streaked aqua and blue. A stand of reeds along the shoreline glowed pale green.
 Brielle set up the graphic recorder on her arm com, she wanted to capture all of this. “This is stunning.”
Karvar grinned and handed her a breather. “Really is, I’m glad you talked me in to coming.” 

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