Monday, June 9, 2014

Freebie Flash Fiction

I have a flash fiction story up on Wattpad. Justice for Rogue Incubators. No cover yet, will save that for the weekend.

Diaspora Worlds, the four Sons of the Protectorate sub-series, ends this summer with the release of Karvar's story, Neon Orchid.

I have a number of stories planned in the sub-series Friends of the Protectorate. Haven't decided how long these will be but several are partially written--Cirque Du Cyborgs, Prisma Wakes...

A third subset has been in the back of my mind, involving two planets introduced in Her Cyborg Awakes --Jewel, Sirn's paradise world (Where Sabralia lives in the Harem) and Arden, found by the refugees in Starwoman's Sanctuary. Arden is a Gorvas stronghold, and a manufacturer of cyborgs. Justice is a flash scene of a book  Rogue Incubators. Obsolete cyborg women are artificially impregnated to bare the children of important Arden officials, who were all exposed to certain poisons and are sterile.The cyborg women though, without their scheduled duties and without drugs flooding their minds, begin to wake.

I'm calling this third sub series Diaspora Worlds, Rogue Cyborgs.

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