Friday, May 23, 2014

Weekend Writing Warriors: Her Accidental Angel

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Here's a snippet from my angel paranormal romance
~Her Accidental Angel~

  “No!” His eyes widened. “Don’t say that name. He could return if you call him.”
    He moved so swiftly he was a blur. Suddenly he was in front of her, and Kari found herself facing his back, from which two huge white wings grew from his shoulders, arching down to his muscular calves.
    “An Angel,” she said aloud, in awe. “You’re an Angel?” 


The timing was perfect. College classes were done until fall, and Mom was on a cruise leaving Kari ten lovely days of privacy. When would she ever have an opportunity like this? Kari knew everyone would think she was nuts, trying to lose weight using a magical ritual she’d found in an old book. But what if it worked? She’d spent her whole life trying to lose the pudge and she was not the biggest loser. Maybe, just maybe…

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