Saturday, May 10, 2014

Weekend Writing Warriors--From Neon Orchid

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Eight Sentence Snippet from Neon Orchid, Book Four in the Diaspora Worlds Series. Coming soon-ish. I don't want to jinx it with a real date, it has been elusive and hard to capture.

“How did you stay healthy?”
Brielle swung around, an expression of surprise on her face.
“You never showed any signs of illness, yet my father said you were just weeks, maybe days, from organ failure.”
She walked to his table, carrying a cup of tea and a variety of fruits and vegetables on a small tray. Her hips swayed in an unconscious sensual rhythm and Karvar felt sweat break out. 
That’s why you didn’t annul the marriage. Had nothing to do with diplomacy or political fallout. Those legs…


While his brothers roamed the universe finding adventure and love, Karvar remained on New Prague, working for the Protectorate (his mother) as a physician and researcher. He decides to marry one of the young ladies selected by his mother. Brielle is gorgeous, sweet, and she likes children. He is confident their marriage will work well.
    Until his wedding night, when Brielle collapses and confesses she is being blackmailed with a powerful drug addiction to spy on his family...

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