Saturday, May 17, 2014

Weekend Writing Warriors--Ack, it's not steampunk!

This week my SFR book Refugees on Urloon had enough sales to hit a list--the steampunk list. Hmmm, Book is not steampunk. Sorry steampunk readers and writers. I will try to get the category changed via the publisher.*Embarrassed blush*


Here's an excerpt from my waterworld SFR, which contains an alien fertility festival, a hot older Captain, and Svana, a lowly supply clerk, water adaptation, and gorgeous ride-able delfs(dolphins).


How would her child move between these two worlds? She knew the Urloon were often physically uncomfortable on land. Their skin was sensitive to light and needed regular moisture, they felt heavy and tired quicker than they did underwater. The crews of workmen that were building the farm cottages took a midday break to return for a rest period and a meal back in the dome. Her child.Her heart felt heavy for the little one, shuffled between two worlds.
She needed to think this through.

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