Saturday, April 12, 2014

WEWRIWA: Refugees on Urloon

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All around, people discarded clothing and painted their bodies with bright fluorescent dyes: pink, green, blue, yellow and orange, making them part of the dancing aurora above.
Svana grabbed into the basket and got elura, now enjoying the familiar sting on first taste and the evaporation that left the tongue and mouth cool
 Liam’s globe was dyeSvana laughed as he covered one arm in bright glistening blue.
Her next globe was dye. “No!”
Liam laughed, his eyes glinting wickedly. “Now you’ll have to take something off.”
Svana opened her mouth to protest and stopped. 


In my book Refugees On Urloon  my couple, who have worked together as captain and crew member, survived being stranded in deep space with a crew of students. They have found refuge on a distant, strange world. Their hosts invite them to join an alien fertility festival.

Liam and Svana long for signs of spring in their lives after a long dark time. They both struggle with the decision to attend the festival...but for the first time they acknowledge their desire for a different type of relationship between them--as lovers.

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