Friday, April 25, 2014

V= Vampire, Behind the Story #AtoZChallenge

I was a HUGE  Buffy fan, and wrote fanfiction for a couple years. It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot.

I have two vampire romance shorts, and I may write more one day. Actually I have one almost finished. Hmmm.

Holly Jolly Vampire-- Two old friends, one now a vampire, find a Pixie baby on Christmas Eve. Pure fluff.

Single Mom, Vampire Lover-- Why shouldn't the hard working single mom wind up with a hot vampire?

Here's an excerpt from Single Mom, Vampire Lover:

Is this how I die? Darlene struggled to get away but the woman's hand just gripped tighter and pulled her up until her toes barely brushed the floor. Darlene dropped the cell phone and her purse and grabbed at the woman's hand with both of hers, trying to pry it off her neck.
                   The fingers didn't budge. They tightened.
                   She's going to break my neck! Darlene's hands fell away, all her effort had to go into dragging in short, shallow, choked pants.
                   "You are troubling me. You shouldn't be here,” the woman hissed. Then she smiled, not a nice smile. Her teeth were white and Darlene watched in horror as her teeth changed. Gleaming white fangs descended and she opened her mouth wide.
                   A vampire? Darlene stared in confusion at the teeth. They looked so real. So deadly. She tried to kick and squirm away, but the woman just smirked at her and tightened the grip of the steel-like hands around Darlene's neck, cutting off all breath. The dim light of the room went darker.
                   Suddenly, the woman's grip evaporated and Darlene fell hard to the floor. The woman turned gray and crumbled to the floor into a pile of fine dust.
                   Darlene gasped for breath, her throat aching as well as the rest of her body from the sudden fall to the concrete floor. She stared up at a man who stood where the vampire woman had been. He was tall and broad shouldered, dressed in a long sleeved black knit shirt and black jeans. Blond, wavy hair, cut close around the ears, framed an impossibly handsome face with high cheekbones, a square jaw, and full lips. His eyes were bright blue, visible even in the dim light, long lashed and tilted upwards similar to a cat. His presence seemed as bizarre as the vampire woman. Darlene shook her head and tried to pull herself together.
                   "Leave,” he ordered in a hard voice.
                   "My son! I need to call 911.” Her voice came out in a harsh croak, her throat hurt when she talked. She got up on her knees and reached for her cell but a sharp kick from the man sent it flying across the room. She collapsed onto the floor and moaned, realizing he must be another one. A vampire. She crawled onto the bed and embraced her son, weeping. At least we'll die together
                   The blond man brushed her out of the way and examined Brian. “Too late,” he said in the same hard tone.
                   "No!” She cried in horror at his words but she knew he was right. She could see the twin puncture holes over Brian's jugular. She swayed, almost falling off the bed. “He's my son! He's only seventeen,” she pleaded, needing to stay with Brian.

                   The man grabbed her with strength she recognized as inhuman, and one hard hand on her jaw forced her to look into his face for a long moment. “I can give him life, but it won't be the same,” he finally spoke. “It won't be human life. It is too late for that. The boy will have to live with me. Or he'll turn into a monster like the woman I just dusted. Is this what you want? He will be a vampire."

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