Thursday, April 17, 2014

P= Parallel Worlds, Behind the Story #AtoZChallenge

When I was a single girl I lived for a year in the San Jose area. I didn't have car at that time, but the bus system was very good so I went everywhere on the bus. 

Usually the buses I took weren't very crowded. I kept a mild flirtation with a young man(very gorgeous) who took the same bus to work. My best friend's husband warned me he was a player so I didn't get in too deep! I'm sure I would have been one of a harem of women...

Sometimes I would head somewhere on a crowded bus and I tried to sit by myself or by a woman, since there were some strange people on the buses. One day I sat down by a man who was neatly dressed in a suit. I didn't look too closely at him, but there were few choices since it was so crowded. I was just glad to sit by someone who seemed to be on his way home from work, ordinary.

"Do you believe in parallel worlds?" He asked. And I realized my seat-mate wasn't quite sane.

 I have often thought that would be a good opening scene, a call to adventure.

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