Saturday, April 5, 2014

E= Evacuate! Behind the Story #AtoZChallenge

What if your family was responsible for an invading army targeting a busy transportation hub...and you ran across a charity devoted to the care of orphaned children and fragile elderly folk? Not to mention an interesting woman! You know they should not face an invading army--

Star Woman's SanctuaryDiaspora Worlds Book 3

A sharp shock of electricity woke him with a jolt. His armcom flashed—a Priority message from the New Prague Protectorate Guard!
   “Intel indicates Gorvas armada headed for Goldshawk Hub. Imperative you leave immediately. Conventional sensors will show the armada in sixteen hours. Get out before the crowd or you may not.”
Traffic in the Hub’s shipping lane was always congested as ships entered and exited a large cluster of natural jumpstreams in the area. During a panic it would be a chaotic mess.
What about all these people, these children and old folks? Sister Skyleen?  He pictured them stranded on the docks, fodder for Gorvas cyborgs. Surely there was something he could do! He slid off the bunk and rushed into the sitting room, which was empty. The room with Sister Rosie was quiet, she was feeding an infant from a bottle.

“Where's Sister Skyleen?”

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