Friday, April 4, 2014

D= Diaspora Worlds, Behind the Story #AtoZChallenge

Diaspora Worlds is the name of my scifi romance series. It takes place a thousand years in our future. Earth--now called Terra-- has reached the stars and colonies are everywhere. Terra has an Alliance with several star systems, and they share technology and culture via mass media. 

Explorers found that throughout the galaxy there were planets nearly identical to earth, with flora and fauna so similar they theorize the planets were formed long ago by a race of Ancients. Other planets are alien and a few are semi terra formed, perhaps the Terran similarities confined to a continent.

There are planets in the Alliance that have lesser status, the Reservation Worlds. Earth colonists where surprised to find a race of humanoids, the Zh Cle’ with both lizard and insect characteristics, living in kinship group societies not unlike human beings. Then it was discovered that Terrans and Zh Cle' could mate and bear children. This led to a dna purity movement, that in high tech worlds became much more than DNA tests to screen for alien blood. Planets began to lab perfect their citizens, called Puregens.

A powerful invader, the Gorvas, has developed cyborg technology and is going for high tech worlds in the Alliance.

This is an open ended series of many worlds. Each book is a stand alone romance.

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