Saturday, March 22, 2014

Weekend Writing Warrior: Fantasy Romance WIP

I am working on a new writing project, a hidden magical city set in remote Eastern Montana. This project is still very much in the early stages but I thought I would share a snippet from a contemporary fantasy romance. Am not sure what it will be titled, am currently calling it Dark Creek....there might be magickal cowboys. Hmmm. It is a fish out of water romance.

There was a rush of icy wind and a burst of green flame.
A man appeared in the doorway, tall, with long, white-blond hair showing under a black cowboy hat, blocking their entry. He wore a black suit that had a cape attached to the shoulders lined in shiny red, a white shirt and a red satin tie. A shiny gold star was pinned to his chest.
Neva stood frozen in shock.

The blond man gave her a disgusted look. “Yes, yes, I know I look exactly like some horrid villain in a childrens’ witch movie. I am not the villain. My name is Sherrif Mythis Vermillian, the official in charge of Magickal Security in these parts.” 
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