Friday, March 28, 2014

SCIFI Brigade Presents : Snippet, Neon Orchid

Here's a snippet from my upcoming release, Neon Orchid.

“The drone's lights are off,” Brielle told Karvar. “And I think it is further up the throat.”
“That thing is all throat,” Karvar said as he manipulated data on his screen.
“Yes. But now the drone is only about a meter from the mouth.”
Karvar paused his work and leaned over her so his shoulder pressed against hers. He looked at her holo. “You’re right. I wonder if the salp will eject it?”
They watched the salp plunge into the muddy water, then fling itself into the air, occasionally rushing toward their ship. The dark drone was definitely moving up the tube.
“I want it,” Karvar said. “When it spits it out. I might be able to get some data from it to Kyler when we communicate.”
“You mean, go out there? With that monster crashing around? It's huge! And angry.”
“Yes. But you could hold the laser on it. I'll jump around so it looks at me, and with any luck it'll spit the drone out where I can reach it.”
 It didn't sound like a great idea. 
Brielle took a deep breath so she wouldn't sound squeally and unreasonable. “You really think it might help figure out who’s trying to kill us?’
"We haven't had much luck so far," she muttered.
"So maybe we're due."

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