Sunday, March 2, 2014

New Cover! Refugees on Urloon

With the switch over to Kensington, my cover got changed. Now it is very clearly SciFi Romance, which makes me happy!

  • Older couple --in their forties. Svana raised a daughter who is now in college.
  • Class difference -- Liam is a respected instructor in a premier military academy, Svana is a supply clerk.
  • Colleagues to Lovers --Svana and Liam are the only adults left on the student observation ship after the disaster.
  • Stuck on Urloon -- It will be years before a rescue ship can get to Urloon and rescue is just not a priority  since the refugees are safe on the water world.
  • Decisions -- Undergo water adaption to live in the sea domes with the Urloon people, or live in a simple farming colony on land?
  • The Moonfest -- Attend a local fertility festival that involves pheromones emitted by local alien life forms, the Chandolay?

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