Monday, March 3, 2014

Hitting e-bookstores now! Refugees on Urloon

They are lucky to be alive, even if they are so far from all that is familiar.  The Urloon people welcome them and give the refugees a choice-- form a small colony on land  or undergo a medical adaption to live in the waterworld domes with the Urloon.

Svana can't see herself living in the domes. Liam, the ship's captain that kept Svana, a supply clerk, and the ship full of students alive, plans to adapt. In the future they will see little of each other.

The refugees have been invited to the Moonfest... Urloon 's spring fertility festival. Svana decides to go to the feast, and hopefully see the strange Urloon beasts, the chandolay. She'll leave early...

Amazon 2.99

Re-released by Kensington Lyrical.

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