Friday, February 28, 2014

SFR Brigade Presents --Urloon.

Coming soon by Kensington Lyrical--watch for the new cover!

Refugees On Urloon

The Captain’s voice rang out over the com. Thank the stars.
“Status reports, now!”
She’d never heard him raise his voice. He sounded intense. Svana was relieved to know he was alive and apparently others were, too.
She hit her transmission button. “Support Staff Supply Officer Svana Morgas. Located in L Deck supply office. There is a containment wall right outside the supply room office. Medlab is on the other side and is inaccessible.”
“Crew present?”
“Only myself. My two coworkers were in the Medlab assisting the medtech.”
There was a long pause. Svana supposed the Captain was receiving status updates from the entire ship.
“Do you have access to medical supplies? Or are they lost behind the containment wall?” 
“Yes, I’ve access. Supplies are kept in ship’s storage. But specialized equipment is only in Medlab.”
There was another pause. “I’m sending staff down to L Deck to assist in collecting medical supplies. We have numerous injuries to attend to. Come with them to B Deck. All crew report to B Deck main bridge.”
“Yes, sir.”


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