Sunday, February 16, 2014

Newsletter February

Not tons of news this month--am busy writing!

I am continuing my free Narnia/Susan Pevensie story on Wattpad, *~Once A Queen ~*

Her Cyborg Awakes is now FREE! 

I am hard at work on Neon Orchid, and still looking at a March release. 

This could get moved back to April if it conflicts with the re-release of Refugees on Urloon by Kensington Lyrical.

Have a good solid plan for the next book set in Urloon, Wilder Woman of Urloon. Not sure when that will be ready to submit.

I am obsessed with fantasy fiction lately. I reread the CS Lewis Narnia books, followed by the Harry Potter books. Kept thinking--I want to read adult romances set in worlds like this! 

So--I set up a FACEBOOK GROUP for fantasy romance! *~Romancing the Shire~*  is an open group, come on in!

Am planning a fantasy romance series--portal romance where a modern woman lands in a fantasy land and finds hot sweet love. :)

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