Sunday, January 5, 2014

Refugees On Urloon, soon to re-release with Kensington Lyrical

Romancelandia probably has heard that Lyrical Press has been purchased by Kensington and will be a new imprint. My book Refugees On Urloon will be transitioning to Kensington in the next few weeks. It is already down on Amazon. Renee will be changing the title page etc to reflect the new publisher.

Refugees is the story of an older working class supply clerk and a decorated ship captain and academic instructor at an exclusive space academy. Their lives entwine following a space anomaly that tosses a ship of students into deep space and certain death.

From my inspiration files--I modeled my older couple on these two as far as looks.

I also have lots of graphics of sea fantasies for inspiration in my Scrivener file.

I never completed the trilogy of Urloon stories but may  reconsider. A new publisher could mean new opportunity to reach readers. We will see.

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