Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Meet Brielle--Neon Orchid Book 5

Meet Brielle. 

I've been doing some blogs about my heroines the past few months. Today I'm blogging about Brielle, the heroine of my upcoming book, the fourth in the Diaspora Worlds series, Neon Orchid

Here is her backstory.

Brielle is younger than any of my other heroines, and very beautiful, even among the Puregens. Her ethereal beauty and affection for her little sisters both make an arranged marriage of interest to Karvar, the youngest son of the Protectorate. His mother has long desired an alliance marriage,  and Karvar is the last man standing.

 Brielle comes from a  wealthy and powerful political family. 

But Brielle has a secret, and not much time left by her calculations

When she was fourteen, she was briefly kidnapped from boarding school, so brief   time no one even noticed. Just an afternoon. She was given a powerful drug, more of a poison. She never met her captors, and they did not need her to spy for them while she was a school girl, they just groomed her for future use.

When she was sixteen Brielle tried to detox. It was not successful and the Terran physician told her she would need to detox with medications created just for her and her particular drug addiction. Such a cure would be difficult to obtain, few medical facilities would even be able to do it.

One such facility is the Puregen Lab on New Prague, where her father holds the post as a Terran Diplomat.

Karvar's father runs that lab.


 Her teen years were filled with stress and strife as her captor showed her his power over her by withholding and occasionally altering the drug.  Brielle consulted an herbalist who helped her devise a diet to keep her as strong as possible for as long as possible.

Now that she is in New Prague her captor demands she gain access to her father's work...She dreads what her captors demand she do. At age twenty she knows she is reaching the end of her lifetime but sees no way out. Her captor seems to know everything. They have threatened her younger half sisters who will go away to boarding school soon.

Marriage to Karvar...it is her only real chance for freedom and health. Too bad she has to deceive and use him. In another life she could have dreamed of a life with him...

(Cover wip)


  1. Neon Orchid - I love that title. It makes me curious about the story from the get-go.

  2. Lol, Allie, I have been doing research on rainforests and exotic plants for this book. :)