Sunday, December 15, 2013

Ho Ho Ho and Sci Fi Romance-- Wattpad?

I love Christmas, I love SFR. Finding a way to link the two is a challenge for me. My Scifi brain leans toward space opera in the distant future...cultures and religions have changed. Have been pondering this and came up with a couple ideas:

Urloon. Urloon is a Terran Colony. They celebrate a type of Easter (mixed with a fertility festival). Why wouldn't they  celebrate Christmas? They are a family oriented society but not particularly materilaistic. Community minded. I can see them celebrating in the domed sea cities with colored lights and festive seaweed greenery.

But the couple I keep thinking about aren't in the domes. They chose not to adapt. My hero is a hereditary heir to a royal title, his family will have a ship to Urloon in a few years. My heroine will accompany him, she is from his homeworld.

He is flamboyant, handsome, confidant. She is little,  mousey and shy. Both are stuck in the small farming community built for the refugees that can't or don't choose to adapt to water. The winters there are fierce with ice and snow, feet and feet of snow.

Not sure I can pull it off for Christmas though.Time! Maybe I'll put it up on Wattpad. 

The other scenario involves a space invasion, long haired space warriors in flying chariots. Perhaps a 'Mars needs women' trope...though the long ships idea from conspiracy sites is intriguing. That would take a bit of world building! Maybe next Christmas!


  1. Nice ideas! I could see them celebrating a sort of Christmas, at least with colored lights. And I love a good space invasion. =D

  2. If they have seasons, they'd be hanging out for the winter solstice so the winds are not so cold and sharp and the darkness fades a little.

    And yes, a space invasion is always fun :)