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2014 Plans

In late February, NEON ORCHID, Diaspora Worlds Book 5 should be ready to fly! I'm enjoying Brielle's and Karvar's story and have introduced a 'pet'. This is a survivor story and I think in some ways it parallels Alien Blood, since my couple get stuck in the wilderness!

I've been thinking a lot about the books I have nearly written, in strange and unknown high fantasy romances. In a perfect world I would get them out, but I have such time issues! Things might open up time wise in the future--we are looking at options, but I can't ditch the day job yet. My day job is in medical billing, computer/keyboard work all day. So there are times when my hands just need a break from the keyboard. I need to use my time wisely. But I am thinking 3 new SFR books and  perhaps a couple short stories or freebies. That should be doable!

Diaspora Worlds:
Neon Orchid --Karvar and Brielle's story
Cirque Du Cyborgs --Dooley and Lirielle's story
    Prisma Wakes-- a short story taking place during Cirque

The first book in  a new series, Mech Sisters.

 This series tells the story of four obsolete Mechs(cyborgs), who have been rejuvenated and impregnated with heirs of wealthy, barren citizens on New Vega, who left embryos on the homeworld for that purpose. They are to bare and care for the young ones on the long journey to New Vega.

Left to their own devices as not much more than cargo, the four cyborg women make plans for freedom. Each woman has their own romance as they journey.

Mech Sisters:
Escape of the Incubators Bk 1 Renova's story
The other mechs are Sys, Security, and Uni

There will be pirates.

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