Saturday, October 19, 2013

This morning I dreamed of Arla Call--Meet Arla

Now and then, early in the morning before I am fully awake, I have a Plot Dream. This morning I dreamed of Arla Call.
Arla is a character in Starwoman's Sanctuary. On the Hub she worked in the docking bay, guiding and locking spaceships into the proper sized bays. Her job was vital to the efficient operation of the hub, docking ships in the correct sized bay without damage to ships or docks. Ships would pay a docking fee based on size of the ship/size of cargo and of course wanted the smallest bay they could fit into. This is what Arla did, day after day.

Arla is working class, not planetary royalty or politically important. A cog in a great wheel of commerce(like many of us!)

She is a little person, born a dwarf on a simple agriworld. As a teen she immigrated to the Hub and ended up alone. The Sanctuary helped her though the most desperate times and eventually she got  a decent job and independence. She gave back to the Sanctuary by helping older students learn docking procedures so they could gain employment in the docking bays.

A humble life.

Then the invasion and escape with the Sanctuary. Arla was chosen to perform sex acts for the pirate's amusement with Kryshal, the strange winged man.

Mauricio Anton--Creative Commons
Kryshal...their attraction was elemental, electric. Circumstances threw them together. But it was not the happy ending she dreamed of, because Kryshal is marrying a woman from his Clan...and Arla is a newcomer with no clan, Elder, no family history.

She can join her friends from the Sanctuary...but Kryshal offers her a position  In a Wooly Mammouth  healing reserve. He knew how fascinated she was with the beasts.

Arla chooses the Reserve on the far northern plains of a distant continent and tries to put her heart ache behind her...until Kyshal crash lands there.

Her book is not yet titled.

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