Friday, October 25, 2013

SFR Brigade Presents : Oct 25 Starwoman's Sanctuary

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Starwoman’s Sanctuary

Diaspora Worlds Series Book Three

Melisse Aires

Skyleen, what happened?”
“Slavers. The crew are slavers. They put us to sleep.” She pushed the hair away from her face and rolled it into some semblance of order.
He sat up.
“How long were we out?”
“I am not sure.” She held up her arm. “No com. More than twenty four hours though. Much has happened.”
He looked at her and fear clutched at his guts. “Are you all right? Why are we in here?”
“It is a bit of a story. Let me get you something to drink.” Skyleen went to a cupboard and returned with water and a restorative meal bar. He studied the dimly lit room. A medlab. Small children were spread out around the room. Coyt, Loyt and Rand were there also.
“I fell asleep after we all settle into our seats and I woke in a strange room, a type of observation chamber. I could see Arla Call, a friend of the Sanctuary. She teaches some of our older students about docking procedures. We were in separated chambers with glass walls. The walls were sound proof so we  couldn’t talk.  There was a man… maybe a Zh Cle’? He showed us he would do some things with his tail scales.”
“Tail scales?”


  1. Good set-up, Melissa! Lots of tension and intrigue in this scene.

  2. I get the feeling he'd better come up to speed on the situation fast! Very intriguing set up in this excerpt...