Sunday, October 27, 2013

I Haz Paranormals For October!

While I write SFR, I started out writing fantasy and paranormal romances, and I still love both genres.

A few of my paranormals were published as part of a publisher's series and they sold very well for a while back in the Fictionwise Days. After the publisher died I rewrote them into a new location, Encanto Bay.

All of these can be found on my Amazon page, and most are also on Smashwords and migrating to other vendors.

White Tiger Lover
A tiger shifter from and Old World Clan and a widow, a refuge from a strict religious farming colony.

The Psyvamp and the Professor
Trudy, a two hundred year old daughter of a demon meets Gabriel, an ex-priest with a specialty in demonology.


Holly Jolly Vampire
Former deputy sheriff Darci, badly injured in the past in a vampire attack, starts a new job on the Encanot Bay paranormal/human task force. She reunites with River, her old pal, now a vampire from the same gruesome attack. They find a pixie baby on Christmas Eve.


While not part of the Encanto Bay series, Single Mom, Vampire Lover is in a related series. Vare, the vampire hero of this book, is the Head of the vampire clan River belongs to.
Vare rescues Darlen's teen son, and she is drawn into the vampire world.

Coming in 2014-- Shelter with a Vampire.

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