Thursday, August 15, 2013

Back to the Wilderness--Book 4

My next Diaspora Worlds book has had a name change--From Big Poison Station to Neon Orchid.

This book has parallels to Alien Blood--

*My couple Karvar and Flavia are stuck alone in a dangerous wilderness.

*Flavia has a secret.
*They have to save themselves, somehow.
*Flavia has knowledge of horticulture.

Also, shades of Her Cyborg Awakes, Karvar has cyborg eye implants.

I am reading up on tropical plants and habitats for this book, and I'm still brainstorming ideas for alien flora and fauna. Their interaction with the rainforest is a big part of the conflict in this story.

Can't call it a space opera this time. They spend the entire book on the planet of New Prague!

Pictures from my files:

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