Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Starwoman's Sanctuary is Now Available on #kindle!


Kyler lured the Gorvas hunter away from his brother and soon to be sister-in-law so they could escape the space hub to the safety of New Prague. Landing in the middle of mealtime in a utilitarian Starwoman’s Sanctuary, Kyler is stunned by the beauty of the Starwoman, Sister Skyleen. He doesn’t mind spending a  night in the Sanctuary if it will give him a few moments with the fascinating Skyleen.
Skyleen has plans to leave the Sanctuary she built on the hub. She hopes to marry and raise a family of her own someday. Her attraction to Kyler strengthens her resolve to make the change, though a wealthy Puregen from an industrial planet is not the type of man she wants a future with.
News of an invasion reaches Kyler hours before anyone else, thanks to New Prague tech. The Sanctuary almost five hundred orphans, elderly and poor working families need to get off the hub to safety. Kyler, with the credit account befitting his status as planetary royalty, will rent a ship. It is their only chance. Sci-fi romance, space opera, 37k short novel, novella, sensual.

He turned again and came into an opening. Small children sat against the wall, slurping from hot tubes. A Starwoman cloaked in the long white robes of her order filled tubes from a keg and handed them to more children.
“Look, Sister Skyleen. A big man!” A small child’s voice piped up loud and clear over the chatter, catching the attention of the other children, who hushed.
Sister Skyleen whirled around with a swish of fabric from her loose robes. A sweet aroma, some floral scent he couldn’t quite name, filled his mind.
They stared at each other in open-mouthed shock. Kyler was stunned at the shiny black curls that peeked under her hood, at the large warm hazel eyes framed in curly black lashes.
Weren’t Starwomen older? Hard and worn from devoting their lives to the Unfortunate? This woman wasdelicious. Skin the color of spice cake, deep rose red lips.
He heard the movement behind him too late to counter it. Sharp, stunning pain radiated through his skull and all went black.

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