Sunday, July 7, 2013

Of Trillers and The Big Poison and NEXT

Starwoman's Sanctuary goes to editor NEXT WEEK. I'll tweek the cover and get busy lining up some blogs and stuff. I have a gorgeous necklace as a contest prize!

Big Poison Station--in the drafting stage and so fun to write.

Karvar, the youngest of the four Sons of the Protectorate agrees to an arranged marriage to a gently bred New Prague daughter of an important political alli. She is also exquisitely beautiful. 

After the wedding Karvar learns his new bride is a drug addict--and she will only agree to detox under unusual circumstances. Her younger siblings must leave New Prague and stay with his brother and sister-in-law on Farradae, a frontier world. And she will only allow him, Karvar, to handle her detox in a remote location, a domed camp on the southern continent of New Prague, The Big Poison. Lethal spores, killer plants and animals abound on the swampy rainforest continent.

Karvar thinks her demands are the ravings of a drug crazed mind, but agrees. He is dismayed to learn she is in far more delicate health than he imagined...and then their dome is blown up.

A small and incredibly adorable creature makes its first appearance in this story. I call it a triller. Full grown, it is about the length of a finger. Froglike but with lacy delicate pastel patterned wings, it has a long sticky tongue and lives on the heavy spore clouds that waft through the Big Poison. Photoshop beckons!

My hubby's health is so much better now--he has been infection free since February, after near constant infections for two years(diabetic foot issues).I  am cautiously optimistic about future writing plans!

I like to plan a book quite a bit ahead of writing it--gather ideas, pictures, plot ideas etc. The next 4 Diaspora Worlds books are in some stage of planning, but after Big Poison I want to write something outside of the series. But what? Some possibilities:

1 A second Urloon book--Wilder Woman of Urloon
2 A zombie book, near future
3 A fantasy with fauns, buns, centaurs etc
4 A near future escape to a Mars colony scifi
5 A shifters in space book


  1. First, I'm glad that your husband is better. That's got to be such a relief. Next, your book sounds fun but I'm not familiar with your other work so can't say what to do next. The Wild Women one sounded like fun. Can't wait to see what your triller looks like.

  2. It is so much easier to write with Tim feeling healthy!I can take a deep breath. I write optimistic fiction so it is hard to plot when all is doom and gloom!!

  3. So glad to hear your husband is infection free! How nice to be able to breath easily, for both of you.

    I'm so excited for Starwoman's Sanctuary to be coming out and Big Poison Station sound like it's going to be a fun read too! Since I've loved every book of yours that I've read I think all of your possibilities sound good. Especially the shifter in space and zombie.

  4. I'm excited about the two upcoming books Susan! I have 4 more Diaspora Worlds books planned all with characters from the first 4 books.

  5. You've got me anxious to see a triller now.