Monday, July 15, 2013

It is not Military Scifi--it's Charity Scifi

Starwoman's Sanctuary does have a military invasion...but the story is about a woman who runs a bare bones charity for orphans, the elderly and a day school for the children of the grunt workers on a space hub. Kyler slips down to her basement Sanctuary while evading Gorvas  hunters...

I wanted to write a story in tribute to those I have known who work so hard to improve the lives of vulnerable people--food bank volunteers, Americorps kids... Also, while not all the nuns of my childhood were wonderful, many of them were. I know how much my mother and her siblings were helped through the Depression by the nuns of the Catholic school in Sheridan, WY. My mother remembered once being called to the principal's office with her siblings, being given a nickel for an afternoon at the movies!

So Starwoman is with the editor. I might have it released in 10 days or so depending on the final round edits!

Seems like I worked on this book forever! Tim was sick for much of the writing, I went back to a full time day job. I had trouble getting my busy couple together for romantic interludes, there were always teens and old people and little kids needing something. Not to mention slavers. And I had to rip out the middle and redo because I abandoned my synopsis--not doing that again! I am not  good panster!

Big Poison Station, Bk 4. Am thinking it won't take long at all!

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  1. Congrats, Melisse. I love the positive angle you've taken for this book. It's an original focus for the SFR genre.