Sunday, July 21, 2013

Cover Reveal and Race in Diaspora Worlds


My Starwoman heroine Skyleen is a woman of color. But in her world, Terran races no longer matter. When Terrans left Earth for the stars, they met other humanoids, the Zh Cle'. Scales, wings, barbed scorpion-like tales. They were nothing like Terrans! And they had alien psychic powers. Except they were, and colonists on Zh Cle' worlds intermarried and had children with varying degrees of  Zh Cle' characteristics.

Over time a Terran Purity movement grew, closing worlds to those of Zh Cle' ancestry.  The Zh Cle' planets became Resevations with less rights in the Alliance.That developed further into the Puregen movement. Perfectly pure, lab certified enhanced humans. That movement grew among the wealthy, high-tech worlds and some planets even made Puregen Constitutions, worlds where 'Naturals' and certainly Zh Cle' could not gain citizenship.

Skyleen and Kyler have no conflict concerning race. Their conflict involves areas of personal responsibility and obligation. In ALIEN BLOOD, Gema and Kellac do have to work through her Zh Cle' ancestry.

How times have changed in a thousand years!


  1. Thanks, Susan. I looked at lots of covers, and I hope this one will stand out in the crowd!

  2. I'm VERY excited this book will be coming out soon. It seems like we've been waiting FOREVER!