Sunday, April 7, 2013

Starwoman's Sanctuary Delayed

I am sad to say that due to personal issues I will be delaying the publication of book three in my Diaspora Worlds Series indefinitely. Hubby is facing two surgeries. The one in April is a very serious procedure that could end up in a leg amputation. This follows a five year battle with diabetic foot ulcers and infections and the surgery is to reconstruct his foot and ankle that were badly damaged as a football player. Who knew that thirty years later, combined with diabetes and a job working on his feet, it would be a life threatening situation? We may be looking at ramps, wheelchairs, rehab hospital--and I can only take 10 days off work since I am not eligible for FMLA until August. So, while Starwoman's Sanctuary is nearly ready to publish I find myself more distracted than usual and am uncomfortable about putting it out without the type of focus I like to bring to the final stages.

I want to thank those who so kindly made plans to promo my book. I really appreciate it.

And for those of you who are diabetic or have diabetic loved ones, never take your feet for granted. Wear those ugly, expensive shoes, don't walk barefoot and find a good podiatrist.



  1. I hope your husband's surgery goes well. My dad had a leg amputated because of blood clots and recovery was quite a process. I imagine it's more intensive when the patient has diabetes. Your distraction is totally understandable. Take care of yourself too during all this. Best wishes being sent your way!

  2. So sorry to hear you and your husband are going through this. I hope the surgery goes well. Being a caretaker wears you down, so look out for your own health, as well. As for the book, the delay will build up suspense.