Sunday, April 28, 2013

Post #501 On Breaks and Diaspora Worlds

I was looking through old posts on this blog--first post was in June of 2008. Since then I've had more books published, went through two small publisher's bizarro doors, met lots of fine and supportive writers.

 My kids have grown up, graduated high school and are busy with young adult lives.

 I lost a brother-in-law who was my sister's high school boyfriend and part of our lives for years. We lost our Golden Retriever, Champ and our old cat Patches, who would come and comfort children when they cried. Lost both of Tim's sisters, way too young.

We went though the financial crisis of losing 1/3 of our 401k and me getting laid off, unable to find a full time job with benefits for two years.

We got our little dog Baxter from my niece, and he has brought lots of smiles.

 I had a knee replaced and regained some mobility, hubby's diabetic feet continued to worsen until he was forced to retire. I found a better job, full time, but the extra hours did impact my writing time. I republished all those books set free from bizarro publishers and made actual pay-the-bills money for the first time as a writer.

Right now, this past month and next month, are the first 'break' I've taken from writing since 2004. There were times when I wasn't publishing or submitting, times when I had projects in lengthy wait for acceptance or edits, but I was always working on something. This is the first real FULL STOP.

Big Poison Inspration 
I am thinking about writing. Two projects on my mind a lot, Starwoman's Sanctuary, where I decided I need to flesh out some of the secondary characters--I had a vague since of 'not done yet' that is now becoming more clear--, and Big Poison Station , the last of the Brothers of New Prague books.

Big Poison...the heroine will look pretty ugly at first. And there will be an intelligent animal. This book takes place on the planet of New Prague and is several years after the other books in chronology. Her Cyborg Awakes is first in chronology, Starwoman's Sanctuary immediately follows, and Alien Blood takes places on a distant planet during both those books.

Some other books I have planned in the Diaspora Worlds will take place in the gap between Starwoman's Sanctuary/ Alien Blood and ... Lorl and Rivier's story, Dooley and Lirielle's Cirque Du Cyborg, Prisma's story, Arla Call and Krishal's story.  That should keep me busy!  

What a  long strange trip...


  1. Glad you're still going to BE writing! Best wishes...

  2. Wow. You certainly have been busy, with a lot of ups and downs. Glad to hear your creative juices are still flowing, and I look forward to seeing what you come up with next.