Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sons of the Protectorate

The first four books in my Diaspora Worlds series are the stories of four brothers. Their mother is the Protectorate of New Prague, which is a hereditary title like a Queen. Their father is her Consort, he is a Puregen scientist.

The four boys were raised in luxury but with expectations that they would excel in the service of New Prague. They attended the best schools, including military academies.

New Prague is part of the Terran Alliance. It is a somewhat inhospitable planet, cities and factories are under domes. Because New Prague is the center of a huge mining industry on nearby asteroid, it is known for its tech and spaceship manufacturing...not it's beauty or tourist vacation.

In Her Cyborg Awakes we have the story of brother Kaistril, he is military, a military commander of a Tier( a large multifaceted army). He is somewhat gruff and practical.
His heroine is Sabralia, married by contract as a teen to a warlord.

In Alien Blood I have the story of brother number three, Kellac. He is also military, a weapons instructor. He is a natural teacher, idealistic and charming. 

His heroine is Gema, an orphan left to survive on a  hitech world that had no place for her in their society.

In Starwoman's Sanctuary,  we have Kyler, the oldest and heir to the Protectorate. He has spent his life on New Prague. He's hard working, responsible and a perfectionist.

His heroine is Skyleen,  a Starwoman, administrator of the Sanctuary on Katherine Hub.

The fourth book is Big Poison Station.  Karvyr is a scientist. Though he has ties to the military he works directly for the Protectorate. Like Kyler, he has spent his life on New Prague, He is thoughtful, focused, introverted but knows his way around New Prague society.

His Heroine is Paloma, an exquisite society bride hand picked by his mother. She is also a drug addict.

I am hoping next fall to bundle theses four  stories and have them available in print.

I will have a blog next week about other books planned in the series.

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