Sunday, March 24, 2013

Decisions and Release Dates.

Starwoman's Sanctuary is moving toward the finish line. Seems like it has taken forever! At first I had a writing glitch. I veered off my synopsis and took a turn that had the hero and heroine separated for the whole mid section of the book. Arg. So I ripped that out and redid it. After that the romance and the action worked together!

My husband has been fighting a foot infection since July. He's been fighting them for years, actually, but this current one started in July. He was in the hospital for a week in August. Another week off in October, November. Had to retire in February since it just wouldn't clear up. He worked on his feet--as soon as he went back to work a new ulcer and new infection would pop up.

So here we are.

Starwoman's Sanctuary will release on April 19. I had planned to release on the 1st but am giving myself a break! Also, hubby has foot surgery the end of April so the book will be wrapped up nice and tidy by then.

This is my latest version of the cover. I might resize my couple just a bit and darken that white area between their faces. For some reason, Saturday mornings are my favorite time to fiddle with photoshop!
I bought a necklace in the same colors as my cover, purple with green, as a grand prize for the release. Chevron amethyst. It is coming from a artisan jeweler in Canada--can hardly wait, I think it will be really pretty! 

After Starwoman's Sanctuary I will work on Big Poison Station. Would really like an early July release. I've started the rough draft and am looking forward to writing  it.

In May I will release a vampire novella, Preschool Teacher, Vampire Lover-- hot vampire in small town Kansas, complete with tornado. This is in the same world as Single Mom, Vampire Lover. I have two more planned for that series. Shopkeeper, Vampire Lover ( a magic shop around Halloween) and  Snowbunny, Vampire Lover (with a rare winged vampire hero!)


  1. I hope that now that your hubby's retired his foot problems will improve after this surgery.

    Starwoman's Sanctuary and more vampire books coming out, Yay!

  2. Hi Mel-- guest on my blog for Starwoman?

    Give me a shout.

  3. Wow, sounds like you've got a ton of new releases in the making.

  4. I've really enjoyed all the previous Diaspora Worlds books and am looking forward eagerly to Starwoman's Sanctuary. And it comes out two days before my birthday like an early present, yay!