Saturday, January 19, 2013

This Week in Writing

Well, got a few things accomplished this week.  Got a story submitted to the SCiFi Brigade Antho...we'll see. Odd little story.

My college girl twins bought a new-to-them car. A cute teal Grand Am. I kind of want a little car! I drive the family minivan, but the family hardly ever rides in it together! 

Starwoman is coming along. I have a secondary character, an alien, humanoid, but with bird characteristics too. Coloring something like the hummigbird. Perhaps too out there? We'll see. So far I enjoy writing him. He's a bit of a mystery.

Am working on a fun middle grade story, and a middle grade steampunk is in the plans. Big change, but some days that is what I want to write!


  1. Well you know I love the idea of your bird-like alien. Go with it, I bet it will turn out great.

  2. Anything goes in sci-fi. As long as you give your bird-like alien enough depth as a character, you can pull it off.

  3. Thanks, Kaye and Allie! I do like this character.