Friday, January 4, 2013

SFF Sat ~ Starpath

From a WIP:

“This is real. Where is it located?” Daire’s voice throbbed with emotion.
“That I don’t know yet. The coordinates are stored on Greel, in the Department of Exploration and Immigration.”
“Greel is in chaos,” Nial spoke.
“Yes,” Roan said. “But that could be to our advantage. Instead of bribery, we will form a team to get the information ourselves. There are no government officials to bribe at this time, with several warring factions claiming the planet, but none actually in possession of it.”

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  1. How very mercenary! No sure what's going on, but I'm intrigued.

  2. This sounds like quite a mess! Can't wait to see how you resolve this.

  3. Still very much in the dark, but I'm interested in learning more.

  4. They're going to find out where they are and what else?

  5. I see a flaw with this plan. Wonder when the heroes will? Good work.

  6. Damn! No one to bribe. I hate when that happens. Definitely an inconvenience.

  7. Ah, a world in chaos. Best time to sneak in!

    Nice snippet.