Saturday, December 22, 2012

Diaspora Worlds Series

The next month or so I will be wrapping up two Diaspora Worlds stories. Book Three, Starwoman's Sanctuary, throws a group of evacuees into a dangerous situation--invaders behind them, slavers in front of them. Skyleen and Kyler must maneuver an old cruise ship carrying the families of the Sanctuary to safety.

Book Four is set on New Prague, Big Poison Station. The Big Poison, an alien jungle on the large southern continent of New Prague, is changing due to events from Starwoman's Sanctuary. Karvyr, the youngest son of the Protectorate of New Prague, agrees to an arranged marriage to the exquisitely beautiful daughter of a politically important New Prague general, only to find out she is a drug addict. To get her away from drug pushers he takes her to a remote science station. Analis insists on two things--only Karvyr will handle her detox, and her two younger siblings must accompany them, because they are in danger. Karvyr's honeymoon from hell gets even worse when their dome is destroyed in an attack and they are forced to survive in the Big Poison.

The other story I'm working on(editing) is a short story that takes place during Book Five Cirque Du Cyborgs. Book five is the story of Dooley, a pilot introduced in Alien Blood, and Cyborg 2LN. A small band of sentient cyborgs entertain their way across the galaxy to New Prague, with the hopes of returning to their families and lives as humans. But cyborgs and cyborg technology are a hot commodity now and they are in constant danger.

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