Monday, November 19, 2012

Encanto Bay Bundle For Sale

For Sale Now! This is three paranormal romance novellas set in Encanto Bay!

WHITE TIGER LOVER ~ Widow Letha flees a controlling religious community and finds  refuge as a waitress at  the Encanto Bay Café where she hopes to learn about her own nature that had been deemed demonic back home. She meets Jagger, a white tiger shifter and they are thrown together during a huge storm. Novella

THE DEMON’S DAUGHTER ~ Trudy, the half human daughter of an ancient fertility god, must hunt for life force to survive. She works hard at feeding without damaging her victims, but the long lonely years have made life simply a matter of survival and she desires more. At the Encanto Bay Café she meets Gabriel, a former priest with an expertise in demonology. He finds her fascinating. Novella

HOLLY JOLLY VAMPIRE ~ Darci’s bright future ended in terrifying violence at the hand of vampires, but River, her almost lover didn’t die—he was Transformed into a vampire. After years she hears from him—a job offer for a human and othernatural task force in Encanto Bay. They meet on Christmas Eve at the Encanto Bay Café. Short Story 

I also want readers to know my vampire romance novella Single Mom, Vampire Lover, while not set in Encanto Bay, is related! Vare, the hero of Single Mom Vampire lover, is the sire of vampire River in Holly Jolly Vampire.

Coming in 2013 A Dark Winter's Night, a vampire romance.

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