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The Heroines:

Her Cyborg Awakes:
Sabralia is a Queen by birth, and in a warlord's harem.

Alien Blood:
Gema is a prisoner with a crippled.leg.

Starwoman's Sanctuary:
Skyleen runs a charity home for orphans and the elderly.

Escaping Poison:
Brielle is a society girl, and a drug addict.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

This is from my upcoming Christmas story, in my Encanto Bay Series, HOLLY JOLLY VAMPIRE.

    "I'm drowning in estrogen," River said. Gabriel had already examined the baby, now his wife was marveling at her with Darcy. Gabriel poured them both a scotch.
"So, what is she?" River finally stopped the love fest.
"Well, she has gills so I'd say she's pixie or nixie." 

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