Saturday, September 15, 2012

Upcoming Holiday Books

My third Diaspora World book, The Starwoman's Sanctuary, should be out the end of October, yay. 

Also in October, The Demon's Daughter. I decided to do a Halloween themed cover and perhaps do some editing to put the book time frame at Halloween. This was Del Fantasma: Demonade, a publisher generated series, so I have to edit most of the background and canon characters into my own Encanto Bay Series. Not really hard, just tedious to get every reference.

Then in late November, a Christmas Steampunk! It will be set in the same world as The Looking Beast in the Garden,  a micro-short story on my website,


  1. Yea!! I can't wait to read The Starwoman's Sanctuary! I just read White Tiger and am looking forward to more Encanto bay stories.

  2. I'm glad you liked Letha's and Jagger's story. Loved that couple.