Saturday, September 8, 2012

New Mock Up

I find playing with Photoshop to be relaxing, like crocheting. While I have a cool sock monkey crocheted hat plan, I haven't bought the yarn yet so this afternoon I took a break with Photoshop Elements and made another cover for Starwoman's Sanctuary. I find I make one, think about it for a few days, then figure out something else.


  1. Nice job!
    I find fiddling with creating book covers to be relaxing like crocheting, as well. I engage in various forms of creativity to allow my writing mind to regenerate.

  2. I like this cover, but then I was just telling someone how much I like lots of color. The purple and green is really pretty.


  3. I Like color too. I plan to try some masks on it, perhaps soften it a little but I might just fly with this one. I want it to stand out, lol.