Thursday, September 27, 2012

Awkward Stage

After reading a discussion on IndieRom I decided to pull out my old Alphasmart. Three AA batteries and it'll be good to go. I thought I would hide in my bedroom this weekend with it and see what kind of word count I can come up with. I've been writing in the mornings but somewhat frustrated with evening writing. 

We are in an awkward phase, almost empty nesters. My twins are busy from crack of dawn until late night as they take over the college theater. I might see them for ten minutes before they leave the house for the day, they eat most meals at the college too. They are freshman, but twin B is stage managing the current play, and twin A will stage manage the musical Evita later this fall. Plus, they must get straight As because they are both so very type A. Lol. Older sis moved out, has a nice apartment with her boyfriend and is busy working and avoiding college for now.

This means hubby and I have got to get into a routine of  household life with just the two of us, after years of teenager chore helpers! You'd think that would be nothing, but I find my evenings filled with annoying shopping trips and other chores. This weekend I plan to do some serious organization. Except hubby is thinking we should take a long drive up into the Big Horns(mountains north of us)--hence the Alphasmart.

I introduced a new character this week, one I've been thinking about for some time. I wasn't sure what book she would go into, but I knew she would start as a secondary character but eventually have her own book. Her name is Arla Cal, and she's a Little Person. She's also a docking port manager on a space hub(so good with computer systems), and a single mom. Smart, bustling, no nonsense. Her love interest is a humanoid alien from a race the Terran Diaspora Worlds have heard legends about, but there has been no verifiable contact. He's an explorer, a wandering poet with a menagerie of strange pets.

The Problem: Arla's story expands the world building far beyond the Diaspora Worlds. Am not ready to jump into a new or related series with tons of new world building, but there is always next year . So Arla and Charlo are on semi-hold, but as inspiration comes I'll file it..

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  1. So tough when your imagination gets ahead of your typing speed, LOL. I'm forever twenty steps ahead of myself in ideas for books, but the trick is finding the time to actually write them all and keep up with my restless brain. It sounds like that's what's happening to you. Keep those characters on hold until they pitch a fit that can't be ignored :-)