Tuesday, August 21, 2012

RE-Release Shifter Novella

The Encanto Bay stories are centered around a bar and restaurant on the Southern California beach, the Encanto Bay Cafe. Heath the owner, chief bartender and matchmaker, is a magical being. Most of his patrons are more than human. And his special drinks have magical power...

White Tiger Lover

By Melisse Aires

Widow Letha flees a repressive religious community on the northern prairies, where she lived under the suspicion of having demon blood.


Her journey ends in Encanto Bay, CA, at a cafe on the beach. Perhaps working for Heath in a paranormal friendly bar will give her some answers about her psychic abilities.


Jagger comes from a tight knit clan of white tiger shifters, but he left the family entertainment business to run a contracting business. He hangs out at his friend Heath's bar.


When the Storm of the Century approaches Encanto Bay, Heath works his magic.

Excerpt (rated R)

BACK GROUND: Letha sleeps in her truck because she has no money for an apartment. Heath finds out and has her stay in his office at the Encato Bay Cafe.

A loud banging woke Letha from a deep sleep. She looked around, disoriented and saw the clock on the wall. Six am. It was dark for six am.

Another bang. She leaped off the couch and ran into the bar.
Thunder and lightening crashed and the door of the Del Fantasma burst open.

A man, nude, stood in the doorway as lightening blazed, outlining a tall lithe form and pale silvery hair. Then, in the man’s place stood a tiger, white with dark strips, enormous.

Letha screamed and whirled around, and tore off for the office.
There as a soft thud behind her, then a paw, white, with long claws, fell heavy on her shoulder, and she fell to the floor. The paw gently rolled her over as if she weighed nothing.

The white tiger with sky blue eyes stood over her, one paw still on her shoulder. Then the shape blurred, and a man crouched over her.

Jagger Kirillov.

“Don’t. Ever. Run. From. A. Tiger.” His voice was harsh.

She tried to catch her breath. “A-all right.” She couldn’t look away from his sky blue eyes. The heat of his naked flesh, held just inches from her thin knit, burned. In fact, as she took a deep breath, the tips of her breasts grazed his chest.

He gave a sound something between a growl and a purr that resonated all the way through her, even between her legs. Then his lips pressed against hers, hard and demanding.

She gasped in a mix of shock and delight, and his tongue plunged in, while at the same time he lowered his hard hot body on top of her own. She could feel the hard length of his erection pressing against her. Wildness flared inside her and she threw her arms around his neck giving back the kiss with passion she didn’t even know she had, sucking his tongue, while his arms pulled her tighter.

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  1. I like the whole concept of this book. And aren't white tigers gorgeous? Their one of my favorite animals.