Friday, August 10, 2012

Scifi Fantasy Saturday! Fauntasy

It's a Scifi Fantasy Saturday!  A number of talented authors share snippets from their scifi and fantasy books and WIPs. You can find them * HERE*.

I have a fantasy romance series languishing on my hard drive and occasionally I pull it out to play. Am thinking about getting it up on Amazon this spring. This snippet is from Fauntasy.

      The Captain said, “That is an unusual destination.  I’ve never traveled there before.”
       “We have accurate maps. There is a wide mouthed river that was once a docking area. That is where we wish to go.”
        “Why would anyone desire a journey to such a remote location, especially at this time of year?”
         Tip wondered the same thing.
         “We are scholars, and our study takes us there. Rest assured, we will take many provisions with us for the winter.”


  1. Because nothing could ever go wrong with this plan...snicker. :-)

  2. The dialogue seemed a bit choppy to me, but it is hard to judge from just 10 sentences. However, I enjoyed the set-up and definitely want to learn more.

  3. I see where Cassandra is getting the choppy feeling from, but I assumed it was purposeful as only one speaker had that jilted speech pattern. Beyond that, interesting to wonder what kind of research is being done in what sounds like a remote area.