Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Normal

I started my new, great job on Monday! I haven't worked full time for two years, since I got laid off, so there is some adjusting to the new hours. But frankly, I'm making nearly twice as much money and the company offers super benefits. Plus they are a stable business in the health care field and are hiring even more people for my office, so I am not worried they'll shut down tomorrow. I am thrilled right down to my orange and gold painted toenails.

I have had a hard time figuring out my writing schedule so I am way behind on Starwoman's Sanctuary. This weekend will have a good chunk of sit and write time. I've been thinking about the story constantly. One big issue with this story is to have some lulls in the action so my couple can spend some time together--without children, old folks or bad guys around! Seems like all they do is run from one crisis to the next! And poor Tylerius. He's had a difficult childhood and now this!

I got a subscription to a stock photo site so I can have pictures on my blog.

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