Saturday, August 4, 2012

I Forgot!

I was set up for #SFFSAT but fell asleep early last night on the couch. When I woke up I went straight to bed!

It has been a wild week and somewhat emotionally draining. I got laid off from a good job a couple years ago when they shut the doors, sending 300 former employees out to look for work. Since then I've been I've been teaching preschool because I was lucky I stayed in touch with a former boss and co-workers. Jobs were pretty hard to find for a while. Fun job, something I did for many years, great people to work with and for. Also low pay, part time and no benefits. 

I've been applying for good jobs as I hear of them. In the past few years I've had a few interviews but they didn't go anywhere. Had an interview this week, and ended up getting the job. Actually, a better job than the one I got laid off from. Super benefits, higher pay. So this week has been spent going over preschool year plans with new teacher, checking my wardrobe for decent office attire, wondering how the heck I will keep up with writing and house working longer hours, but glad that our finances will get a boost(am looking forward to buying new clothes!).

 I'll basically be unsnarling insurance snaffus for a medical billing dept. Not glamorous, but having been on the dark side of a billing error, I know how important it can be to get things cleared up! And my last good job was basically trouble shooting messes. Necessary work.

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  1. Don't fret. I remembered that I needed to post, and even had a snippet picked out, but my life went insane on Thursday. Grats on the new job!