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Friday, July 6, 2012

#SFFSAT Alien Blood

Welcome to another Saturday of intriguing snippets from the #SCIFI FANTASY SATURDAY AUTHORS! The link will take you to  a wide variety of posts from talented authors. 

Gema and Kellac are contestants in a Survival Game, their every move recorded by flying cameras, the swarm.

A loud roar jarred them awake. They scrambled out of their bedding and rushed out of the dugout into late evening light. The rain clouds had cleared off and there was still a band of orange low on the horizon.
A spacecraft appeared overhead.
“Oh, we are in so much trouble,” Gema said. “They sent the transport for us. They’re going to throw us back into prison for destroying the swarm.” 
Kellac’s attention was focused on the craft. He turned to her, eyes wide. “It’s not the transport.”