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Friday, July 13, 2012

Scifi Fantasy Saturday: Starwoman's Sanctuary

In my Diaspora Series, Starwoman's Sanctuary takes place immediately following Her Cyborg Awakes, and during the same time frame as Alien Blood. Here's oldest brother Kyler:

 Small children sat against the wall, slurping from hot tubes. A Star Woman cloaked in the long white robes of her order filled tubes from a keg and handed them to more children. 
“Look, Sister Skyleen. A man is lost in the U,” a small child said loud and clear over the chatter, catching the attention of the other children who hushed.
Sister Skyleen whirled around with a swish of fabric from her loose robes.
They stared at each other in open-mouthed shock. Kyler was stunned at the shiny, black curls that peeped under her hood, at the large, warm brown eyes framed in curly black lashes. 
Weren’t Star Women older?  Hard and worn from devoting their lives to the Unfortunate? This woman was…delicious. Skin the color of a spice cake, deep rose red lips.

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