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Friday, July 27, 2012

Scifi fantasy Saturday Snippet-- Starwoman's Sanctuary #2

Welcome to Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday Snippets! Follow this LINK to a group of authors with an interesting collection of snippets!

 My snippet this week is from my current scifi romance WIP, which tells the story of Kyler and Skyleen.

"You must gather your people and take the  first ship off the Hub."
The women gaped at him. Then Skyleen shook her head. "We don’t have the funds to get off the Hub. There are more than a hundred orphans, aged and disabled in our care."
"Not to mention the children and families that are part of our day school," Sister Rosleen said. "We had our anniversary celebration meal last month and had four hundred in attendance. We can’t leave all those families."
Kyler stood and paced. Five hundred vulnerable people.


  1. Sounds like they're in a heap of a mess...hope they find their way off the Hub!

  2. I like the concept of nuns on a space station. I really can't say why but a space orphanage seems really intriguing. Too bad it's all blowing up. It's the little scenes that unfold during larger dramas that reach us the most, ala Titanic. Interested to read more, thanks for sharing.

  3. Not a good situation to find one's self in. I don't envy her.

  4. I like the premise. And like S.A said, nuns on a space station - excellent!

  5. Great premise! It's a good conflict.

  6. Quite a pickle they're in! I'm sure they'll figure something out, though. ;)

  7. I like that his answer was to figure out how to save them, not how to get rid of or extricate himself and Skyleen. Looking very heroic. I agree with the above--great premise and conflict. Love seeing more.

  8. Well did he think it was going to be easy? Evacuations NEVER go according to plan.