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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday--Alien Blood

My Six this week is from Alien Blood, Book 2 in the Diaspora Worlds Series, coming  July 6th to Kindle.

Here's a romantic 6 this week.

With a squeal of glee, Gema threw her arms around Kellac’s neck. Lips, hard and hungry pressed against hers, and she gasped in shock. His tongue pushed in, bold, aggressive, wasting no time. Like he'd been hungering for her.
 Desire flooded her whole body and she met the hard thrust with her own tongue, reveling in his strength, the hardness of his chest against her breasts, his big hands cupping her buttocks under the water’s surface, then trying to slide under the leg of her shorts to her bare flesh. They were too hungry for each other to remember the swarm, busily taking pictures for the audience.

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